3) True or False? If the goal of the study is to understand populations, describe patterns, or ask research questions that are not focused on causality, the best design may be a cross-sectional or cohort study. True
5) True or False? Case definitions are essential for any outbreak investigation no matter which study approach is used to investigate the epidemic.
6) True or False? Cross-sectional surveys are used to establish baseline data prior to the initiation of longitudinal studies.
7) True or False? Cross-sectional surveys measure the incidence of various exposure histories, disease states, and demographic characteristics in one well-defined population at one point in time.
9) True or False? The medical information in patient files is not recorded for research purposes, so records are unlikely to contain all the information that researchers would like to know.

13) Which of the following is a key characteristic to watch out for when performing a case series study?

A. Lack of validity
B. Lack of sensitivity
C. Lack of specificity
D. Lack of generalizability 15) Which of the following would be the first step in conducting a cross-sectional survey?

A. Define a source population
B. Develop a strategy for recruiting a representative sample
C. Decide on methods to be used for data collection
D. Describe the exposure and/or disease status in a population

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