2.) Carefully read both texts and take notes.3.) Compose a short essay that consists of two parts (A and B)A: Synopsis. Give synopsis of Tom’s text: – What is core thesis? What does the text argue? Summarize text and reflect its core thesis. – Who is Bruce Davidson?- What are some of the works discussed? Examples used?B: Apply knowledge and insights.- Consider revisiting Maslow’s hierarchy of Human Needs and reflect upon task at hand. – Describe as many references to different human needs that you find referenced in the text.Whenever you identify a human need or set of needs, describe them in your own words aswell. For example, you could ask, how would Maslow categorize these activities thatDavidson photographs?4.) Review Essay- Review your essay for spelling, punctuation (run spell check). – 3-5 pages- double spaced- regular font size (12pt) – regular margins- any references to Tom’s text can be made by adding page # in parentheses as in (p.69)

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