16. In this question, you are to write a definite clause knowledgebase for the design of custom video presentations. Assume that the video is annotated using the relation where SegIdS⁢e⁢g⁢I⁢d is an identifier for the segment. (In areal application this will be enough information to extract thevideo segment.) DurationD⁢u⁢r⁢a⁢t⁢i⁢o⁢n is the running time of thesegment (in seconds). CoversC⁢o⁢v⁢e⁢r⁢sis a list of topics coveredby the video segment. An example of a video annotation is thedatabase A presentation is a sequence of segments. Represent apresentation by a list of segment identifiers. (a) Axiomatize a predicate that is true if SegmentsS⁢e⁢g⁢m⁢e⁢n⁢t⁢s is a presentation whosetotal running time is less than or equal to MaxtimeM⁢a⁢x⁢t⁢i⁢m⁢eseconds, such that all of the topics in the listMustCoverM⁢u⁢s⁢t⁢C⁢o⁢v⁢e⁢r are covered by a segment in thepresentation. The aim of this predicate is to design presentationsthat cover a certain number of topics within a time limit. For example, the query should return at least the following two answers (perhaps withthe segments in some other order): Give the intended interpretation of all symbols used anddemonstrate that you have tested your axiomatization (includingfinding all answers to your query) in AILog or Prolog. Explainbriefly why each answer is an answer. (b) Assuming you have a good user interface and a way to actuallyview the presentations, list three things that thepreceding program does not do that you may want in such apresentation system. (There is no correct answer for this part. Youmust be creative to get full marks.) . . .

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