15-17 please and thanks

ignore 17 actually Questions 15-18 rely on the following prompt: Firm A and Firm B compete in the sale of a product with market inverse demand given by P(Q) 160-Q, where Q is market output, and Q q +q (qA= Firm A's output, q output). Firm A's Total Cost function is given by TCA(q) TC(n) Firm B's 10qA and Firm B's is given by 1048 15. (20 points) Find the value of Q when Firms A and B Counot compete to maximize profits (i.e. when they simultaneously determine profit maximizing output). 16. At what price will Firms A and B sell their output? 10q4+50, (so, a fixed 17. Suppose that Firm A's total cost function were to change to TC,(q) cost of 50 has been added). Which of the following statements would then be TRUE?

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