12-year-old Morgan Boyd had a 7-month history of several episodes of sudden onset of swelling of her tongue, lips, and eyes. These recurrences lasted 1–3 days before subsiding without medical intervention. Her older brother, Stephen, had had a similar problem when he was 16 years old. The edema was not itchy and there was no urticaria. Morgan did not experience airway obstruction or abdominal discomfort during any of her episodes. She was not taking any medications and did not have any drug allergies. A diagnosis of hereditary angioedema (HAE) was made on the basis of (1) blood measurements of key complement components after remission and again during a subsequent attack of angioedema, and (2) C1INH quantitative and qualitative tests. Which of the following complement proteins would be well below normal range in Morgan in both of her blood tests? a. C1q b. C3 c. C4 d. C5 e. C9

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