11. TransWave International is a small company that has
developed a system that uses the Web and patented electronic sensors as an
early-warning device for pipeline leaks. Pipeline safety is becoming a big
issue in the U.S.
as more natural gas lines are being laid near populous centers. The timing is
right for this company to be extremely successful, but it must use __________
advertising so oil companies will know of its product’s existence.
a) reminder
b) competitive
c) pioneering
d) institutional
e) objective

12. The Sony ad above
is an example of which type of advertising?
a) Reminder
b) Competitive
c) Pioneering
d) Institutional
e) Objective

13. A competitive advertisement __________.
a) promotes a specific brand’s features and benefits
b) tells people what a product is, what it can do and
where it can be found
c) shows one brand’s strengths relative to those of
d) reinforces previous knowledge of a product
e) promotes the advantages of one product class over

14. __________ advertising promotes a specific brand’s
features and benefits.
a) Institutional
b) Hierarchical
c) Pioneering
d) Competitive
e) Reminder

15. The objective of __________ advertising is to persuade
the target market to select the firm’s brand rather than that of a competitor.
a) institutional
b) hierarchical
c) pioneering
d) competitive
e) reminder

16. Competitive product and brand advertising is typically
used to __________.
a) inform the target market
b) identify the target market
c) persuade the target market
d) reinforce previous knowledge
e) state the position of the advertiser on an issue

17. __________ advertisements are competitive advertisements
that show the relative strength of one brand over another.
a) Advocacy
b) Competitive institutional
c) Reminder
d) Comparative
e) Differentiation

18. Which of the following statements about comparative
advertising is true?
a) Comparative advertisements now constitute over
two-thirds of all television ads
b) Comparative advertisements attract less consumer
attention in the advertiser’s brand
c) Comparative advertisements increase the perceived
quality of the advertiser’s brand
d) Comparative advertisements have been banned by the
Federal Trade Commission
e) All of the above statements about comparative advertising
are true

19. An ad for Citrucel fiber supplement claimed that in a
blind taste test consumers preferred the taste of Citrucel to Metamucil 2 to 1.
This is ad is an example of __________ advertising.
a) reinforcement
b) comparative
c) persuasive
d) informative
e) reminder

20. An ad for Allegra allergy medicine highlights the
competitive advantage of Allegra over its primary competitors Benadryl, Tylenol
and Chlor-Trimeton. This is ad is an example of __________ advertising.
a) reinforcement
b) comparative
c) persuasive
d) informative
e) reminder

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