1. Do Problem 12.31 for a situation where in addition to the loading there is a temperature drop of 22oC. The coefficient of expansion for the wire is 1.1 x 10-5/oC for the temperature range.

2. Two upright cantilever beams each having a square cross section of 1 in.2 and a modulus of elasticity of 30 x 106 psi are shown in Fig. P.12.33. A rigid element is welded to one of the cantilever beams, and before the loading three in a gap δ = .3 in. between it and the second cantilever beam. What force P is required to generate a strain ε = -.0004 on a strain gage at the base of the cantilever beam on the right? The length L of each beam is 5 ft.


Problem 12.31

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