1. Contrast the advantages and disadvantages of using pumps in parallel and in series.

2. Owing to fouling of the pipe wall, the friction factor for the pipe of Example 12.4 increases from 0.02 to 0.03. Determine the new flowrate, assuming all other conditions remain the same. What is the pump efficiency at this new flowrate? Explain how a line valve could be used to vary the flowrate through the pipe of Example 12.4. Would it be better to place the valve upstream or downstream of the pump? Why?

Example 12.4

Use of Pump Performance Curves

GIVEN Water is to be pumped from one large, open tank to a second large, open tank as shown in Fig. E12.4a. The pipe diameter throughout is 6 in., and the total length of the pipe between the pipe entrance and exit is 200 ft. Minor loss coefficients for the entrance, exit, and the elbow are shown, and the friction factor for the pipe can be assumed constant and equal to 0.02. A certain centrifugal pump having the performance characteristics shown in Fig. E12.4b is suggested as a good pump for this flow system.

FIND With this pump, what would be the flowrate between the tanks? Do you think this pump would be a good choice?





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