1: Connecting the Strategic Dots: Does HIT Matter?? Data are __________________, whereas information is______________.a. Processed and analyzed in a formal, intelligent way; raw factsand figures collected by theorganizationb. Raw facts and figures collected by the organization; processedand analyzed in a formal,intelligent wayc. Processed and analyzed in a formal, intelligent way; expertiseand skills acquired by a personthrough experience and educationd. Expertise and skills acquired by a person through experience andeducation; raw facts andfigures collected by the organization? In 1980, Goldsmith predicted what healthcare would look like inthe future. Which of thefollowing did he NOT forecast?a. Problems of the uninsuredb. Expanded role of government financingc. Undersupply of physiciansd. Shift of financial risk from payers to providers??? What factor is NOT a primary driver of change in the healthcaresystem?a. Healthcare costs, quality, and accessb. Global warmingc. Evidence-based medicined. Broad organizational change? What is one of the most popular, on-the-rise places consumers arelooking to for medicalinformation and consumer empowerment?a. Internetb. Televisionc. Newspapersd. Tweets 2? Evidence-based medicine can improve the quality of care byhelping physician providers makeeffective clinical decisions.a. Trueb. False? Healthcare systems changes alter HIT data collection requirementsbecausea. genomic medicine will become common.b. health data will be transmitted to foreign countries.c. care delivery will become more integrated across deliverylocations.d. information technology will become more pervasive in the UnitedStates.? Consumer empowerment and participation research regarding socialmedia suggests that inthe futurea. patients will be willing to trust and share information from theInternet.b. patients will share personal health information (positive andnegative) via social media.c. patients will share information regarding their healthcareexperiences via social media.d. patients will seek second opinions and shop for hospitals anddoctors using social media.e. all of the above

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