1) Assume you sell 10 varieties of cell phone cases on Amazon.  Utilize the knowledge gained from your readings, videos and video lecture to answer the following questions.Given that you sell 10 different cell phone cases, how do you determine your A, B and C SKUs? 

2)  Your Chinese manufacturer produces in batches of 2,000 cell phone cases. Each time you place an order, there's a $10 processing fee. In addition, Amazon charges a holding fee of $1 per cell phone case. With a focus on minimizing ordering and holding costs, how do you determine the optimal number of units to order each time?

3)  Given that new cell phones cases are launched every 2-3 months and customers like to have the latest designs, what additional factors would you consider when deciding which cases you definitely don't want to overstock vs. those that are too important to run out of stock?

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