05908 Topic: Community Health Project

Number of Pages: 3 (Double Spaced)

Number of sources: 5

Writing Style: APA

Type of document: Research Paper

Academic Level:High School

Category:   Nursing

Language Style: English (U.S.)

Order Instructions: Attached


Based on the data collected from evidence-based nursing practice, Healthy People 2020 as well as specific research conducted, identify a problem, issue, or topic that is relevant to the targeted community Jacksonville Florida 32211 zip code, which may include, but is not limited to:

population (eg. elderly, children, homeless, underserved)

health/illness (eg. heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer)

socioeconomic (eg. smoking cessation, STDs, access to healthcare)

behavorial (eg. safety, crime, drug use)

other (eg. teen pregnancy, prenatal care, mental illness)

Healthn evidence from Healthy People 2020, Florida Department of Health, Jacksonville Community Council, Inc. (JCCI), or other sources.

In your document discuss hypertension and reason for selecting it.


Describe the population characteristics, health trends, and epidemiological data of the Jacksonville Florida 32211 zip code area.

Provide evidence that this is an important problem/issue/topic which should be addressed.

Identify method used and teaching/learning strategies applied to address this problem/issue/topic (eg. health fair, educational program) and reason(s) for selecting this method. (which is a health fair and educational presentation)

Discuss program developed and method of implementation as well as location (Senior Citizen facility) where program was implemented.

Your document should have an introduction, subheadings:This assignment must be submitted in APA format, include an introduction, conclusion and at least 5 current references.

population characteristics, health trends, and epidemiological data (EBP SLO)

problem/issue/topic (Communication/Critical Thinking SLO)

teaching/learning strategies (Teaching & Learning SLO)

program developed (Communication, Critical Thinking, Leadership and Management SLO)

contributions of each member (Communication/Leadership and Management SLO)


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